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Arno Heyn Memorial Book Prize
The prize is a memorial to Dr.Arno Heyn, a distinguished, long-serving member of the Northeastern Section. Arno occupied most of the offices of the Section at various times, but his most lasting contributions were made when he was the Editor of the NUCLEUS of the Northeastern Section. Under his guidance this publication became the outstanding newsletter among all those published by Sections of the American Chemical Society.
The prize is awarded annually to a person or persons deemed to have made the most important contribution(s) to publications of the Northeastern Section. The awardee is chosen by the Arno Heyn Book Prize Committee which is chaired by the Chair of the Publications Committee. Other Committee members include the Editor of the Nucleus, two members of the Board of Directors appointed by the Section Chair, the Chair of the Awards Committee and the Section Chair, ex officio.
The prize is a book selected by the awardee, who is asked to choose a book that will have long time meaning and value to her/him. A bookplate mounted inside the book cover honors both the award recipient and the memory of Dr. Heyn.
Presentation of the award(s) takes place at the November meeting of the Section.
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Roy Hagen

2016 Arno Heyn Memorial
Book Prize Recipient

At the November meeting Roy Hagen was presented with the 2016 Arno Heyn Memorial Book Prize. The prize honors long-time Nucleus Editor and NESACS Board member, Arno H. A. Heyn, who edited the Nucleus for 16 years and passed away in December 2004.
Roy joins previous recipients Sam Kounaves and Mark Spitler (2005), Vincent Gale (2006), Vivian Walworth (2007), Myron Simon (2008), Arthur Obermayer (2009), Donald Rickter (2010), Harvey Steiner (2011), Karen Piper (2012), Mindy Levine (2013), Morton Hoffman (2014) and Mary Mahaney (2015). Recipients are recognized for their contributions to NESACS publications, including the Nucleus and the website. Recognition has also been extended to members of the Board of Publications for meritorious service.
Roy Hagen graduated in 1968 with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education and Masters Degree in Music Theory and Composition in 1981. He taught in the Salem, Massachusetts, Public Schools for 34 years until he retired in 2003.
During his first seven years in Salem, he taught music. In 1984 he began teaching TV Studio Production at the high school. Many of his TV Studio students went on to pursue careers in television at CNN, Fox, ESPN, and several movie studios, some as producers and others as editors.
Through his work with his TV Studio Production he began incorporating computers into the classroom for graphics and animation. As an early adopter of computers in the classroom, he found his peers looking to him for support in their efforts. For his last seven years in Salem he served as the District Technology Director, bringing computers and networking into all schools and providing staff development. He learned web design as part of his duties, creating and maintaining the school district’s website.
Upon retirement from education in 2003, he continued designing websites. His clients include a South Shore lawyer, a building and remodeling company, a plumbing and heating contractor, a Boston Symphony Orchestra member who sells and repairs basses, and several musicians and musical groups.
He began in July 2007, at the request of Vivian Walworth and under the direction of David Cunningham, working on the NESACS website. The first order of business was to redesign the website. The National ACS Meeting was in Boston that summer in August and the goal was to have the new website live in time for the meeting. Under David’s supervision and with input from Vivian and the Board of Publications, the website was changed from a newspaper-like format to a more graphical design, and was up and running in time for the National Meeting.
David provided guidance the first year. Everything to be posted would go through David, and he or Marilou Cashman would forward it to Roy for posting. In the spring of 2009, a survey was posted on the website at the request of Vince Gale, and some changes were made to the Home Page as a result of the feedback.
In the spring of 2010, David moved to Hawaii, and Roy began to work directly with the new Administrative Coordinator, Anna Singer, and the people who sent him items for posting. He now reported to the BOP, informing them of all the postings, and requesting information from them.
In early 2009, Larry Hardy of Sunovian Pharmaceuticals asked Roy to redesign the website of the New Drug Metabolism Discussion Group (NEDMDG) and provide regular maintenance for it. He worked with Larry until early 2010, when Vaughn Miller of Agilent Technologies became the contact. In early 2010, Dr. Jerry Jasinski contacted Roy to update the website for the American Institute of Chemists.
In the spring of 2011, Roy began working with Mindy Levine as the representative of the BOP to revise the NESACS website to simplify the home page and modernize, streamline, and improve navigation through the site. It was a pleasure working with her. She had a clear vision of the changes that she and the BOP wanted him to make, and the process went very well.
Over the years Roy has had the pleasure of working with many of the members of the Section who regularly send items to post: Mike Filosa with the seminar calendar, Mort Hoffman with many photos from meetings and activities, Harvey Steiner with the PDF of the Nucleus, Ruth Tanner with membership forms, Bobbie Lamont with NEACT conferences, Marietta Schwartz with information about many of the awards, Raj Rajur with Medicinal Chemistry activities, Jack Driscoll with public relations news, and, of course, Anna Singer with information about many other activities.
Recently, Kathy Lee and members of the Board of Publications have expressed a desire for a new design that will bring the ACS branding to the NESACS website and at the same time further modernize, streamline, and improve navigation. Roy has begun working with Kathy and Ajay Purohit to come up with a plan and proposal for a new design.
Roy looks forward to making the website continue to meet the needs of the section while aligning even closer to the American Chemical Society’s brand.
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Some NESACS History by the 2012 Arno Heyn Book Prize awardee
By Karen Piper
I began working for the Section in 1987 when Janice Fineman had resigned as administrative secretary and David Howell had taken over those duties while the Section looked for a replacement. The company for which I was office manager had been sold two years earlier, and I was in the process of starting a bookkeeping/payroll services business. The Section hired me as the administrative secretary, and I recall going to Northeastern to pick up the Section’s files from Dave. Dave was a pillar of the Section’s Board, having been Editor of the Nucleus, Section Treasurer, and Secretary. He was, however, not notable for being organized, and I recall retrieving files from an office in which one’s physical welfare seemed threatened by the piles of paper inside. Fortunately, Janice had been an extremely organized secretary, and the files were in good order.
I had the good fortune to be the administrative secretary during the chairmanships of Lloyd Taylor, Tom Gilbert, Mike Strem, Joe Billo, Chuck Kolb, and Katie Stygall. At that time, the annual reports to National were all on paper, and during January, my living room was covered with piles of paper for the seven copies that needed to be made. It was gratifying to receive the ACS Large Section Award in 1990 for the chairmanship of Mike Strem. Recalling my work as administrative secretary brings to mind many stories, but the best memories are of the people I was privileged to work with. Phyllis Brauner was my mentor. She had large ideas and usually was able to get them to happen. Ed Atkinson, Dick Handrick, Arno Heyn, Dave Howell, Ted Light, and a host of others, now departed, were people who cared deeply about the Section and were easy to work with.
Janice Fineman had worked closely with Richard Handrick, and she kept records for the Trustees for which Dick acted as Treasurer. I took over these records, and then, when Bill Adams at Salem State decided to give up the position of Business/Advertising manager of the Nucleus, those positions passed to Russ McCann and Vince Gale. I inherited the Business Manager’s position from Russ McCann in 1991. Later, I took over the circulation manager’s responsibilities from Dick Handrick. Dick kept the Nucleus mailing list on 3X5 cards and transferred them to IBM punchcards, which were processed by Wang Laboratories. I was able to put the list into a dBase III file and print the cheshire labels in my office.
I was also administrative secretary during the first years of the Esselen Award, as a result of which I developed a close relationship with members of the Esselen family. I had the privilege of working with Arno Heyn when he became editor of the Nucleus in 1989. When Arno assumed the chairmanship of the Esselen Award Committee in 2003, I had the opportunity to renew that relationship. His graciousness coupled with his attention to detail made that year very rewarding. Receiving the Arno Heyn book award in 2012 in recognition of our relationship was an unexpected pleasure.
In 1992 I left the position of administrative secretary and it eventually passed into the very capable hands of Marilou Cashman and, now, to Anna Singer. I have retained my connections with the Trustees, The Nucleus, and the Esselen Committee. The Business Manager also serves as the circulation manager for The Nucleus, works closely with the Advertising Manager, Vince Gale, and is responsible for accounting. After 25-plus years of association with the Section, it is satisfying and rewarding to see the continuation of dedicated people carrying on the traditions of the Northeastern Section.

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