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Henry A. Hill Award
The Henry A. Hill Award for Outstanding Service to the Northeastern Section is awarded annually to a member, to a former member, or in memory of a deceased member or former member of the Section who has made outstanding contributions to the Section's programs and activities.The award is comprised of a plaque and a scroll suitably engraved with an appropriate citation. It shall be awarded annually at a regular meeting of the Northeastern Section unless otherwise specified by the Board of Directors.
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Raj Rajur Receives thew 2018 Henry A. Hill Award
Raj Rajur received the 2018 Henry A. Hill Award for Outstanding Service to the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (NESACS) at the October Meeting. The Hill Award was created in 1980 to honor the contributions of Henry A. Hill to NESACS and the American Chemical Society. Henry A. Hill was the first recipient (posthumously) of the award.
Dr. Raj Rajur has been an active and enthusiastic member of NESACS and a member of the Board of Directors since 2002. He has been serving as the Program Chair for the Medicinal Chemistry section of NESACS since 2002. During his tenure he has made significant changes to format of the symposium
establishing the signature event “Advances in Chemical Sciences Symposium Series”, that continues to attract more than 400 attendees annually. He has also regularly represented NESACS at the National ACS meetings and participated in its governance meetings. Dr. Rajur remains a keen participant in the ACS Department of Career Services, mentoring and coaching ACS members at the national meetings. His vision for Med Chem group remains bringing in top notch science to the symposia and to help drive the establishment of a Medicinal Chemistry prize which would enable the recognition of an important local medicinal chemist annually at the May symposium.
Dr. Rajur holds a PhD degree in synthetic organic chemistry and has enjoyed a distinguished career in the academic community and the pharmaceutical industry with a broad range of expertise in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery fields specifically targeted towards cancer, diabetes and antiinfective
therapeutics. He has authored more than 30 papers in peer-reviewed journals and holds several US patents. Dr. Rajur’s academic career includes appointments at the Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Boston College, Northeastern University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. In the industrial sector, he has held scientific and managerial positions at ArQule and Millipore Corporations. At ArQule, Dr. Rajur supervised collaborations with Bayer, Pfizer and Amersham Pharmacia Biosciences. Dr. Rajur also significantly contributed to ArQule’s internal drug discovery programs, specifically the ion channel, kinase and GPCR programs. Products co-developed by Dr. Rajur have been used in drug discovery efforts at VetOncoRx and Clonetech Laboratories.
Presently, Dr. Rajur heads up CreaGen Inc as CEO, which he launched in 2003 in order to provide early stage drug discovery services to biotech, pharmaceutical companies and academic institutes. Since its inception he grew CreaGen from a one-person company to its current 20 people organization. He has established more than 50 strategic alliances with pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and Federal research laboratories.
With over 25 years of experience in biotechnology management and entrepreneurial ventures involving Drug discovery he helped launch CreaGen Life Science Incubator in 2013, a division of CreaGen that provides infrastructure and instrumentation to early stage companies to conduct their proof of concept.
In 2017, the life science incubator was rebranded as C2I Accelerator to provide mentoring and seed funding to start-up companies. At the C2I accelerator, he is responsible for venture capitalization and business development. Dr. Rajur has also co-founded a biometric technology company “Face pay” which is currently developing a POC for the technology. Dr. Rajur serves as the reviewer for the ACS Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, he is on the Board of Directors for Vet OncoRX, Augusta Pharmaceuticals, TME Therapeutics and co-chair for the Massachusetts Biotechnology CROCMO forum.

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