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Nulabel Technologies
Director/Senior Director - Head Platform Technologies
Location: Cambridge, MA
Contact: Michelle Lynn Hall for an introduction to the company.

Role Description:
We are seeking a highly skilled Director / Senior Director, Head of Platform Technologies with the motivation and leadership skills to join a world class team at HotSpot Therapeutics. The successful candidate will provide expertise, leadership and vision for building HotSpot’s platform for identifying and drugging regulatory hotspots. He/she will play a key role in shaping the early pipeline and will impact the discovery of novel medicines in oncology, inflammation and rare disease.
Key Capabilities:
  • Ph.D. in computational chemistry or chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics or a related scientific field with a computational focus plus 10+ years of industry experience in computational sciences.
  • Strong track record in driving hands on computational chemistry programs as applied to small molecule drug discovery
  • Knowledge and application of tools beyond structure-based methods including bioinformatics and machine learning approaches is a plus
  • Experience in outsourcing key activities to third party collaborators / partners
  • Creative problem solver who can ‘join the dots’ between disparate pieces of information
  • Comfortable in flexible, fast-based, entrepreneurial work environment
  • Happy ‘rolling sleeves up’ to get the job done quickly and efficiently while still being mindful of strategic imperatives
  • Clear and open communicator
Key Deliverables:
The Director / Senior Director, Head of Platform Technologies will be responsible for driving the development of HotSpot’s technology platform and its application to internal drug discovery programs. He / she will be expected to deliver the following over the first 12 – 24 months in the role.
Establish integrated technology platform for identifying functionally validated, druggable hotspots
  • Develop strategies for identification of hotspots with specific structure-function characteristics
  • Leverage broad set of tools including, where appropriate, structure/ligand-based, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and bioinformatics approaches
  • Lead the continued development of “HotSpot Knowledge Base”, a database that captures key features of most attractive hotspots and facilitates cross-target learnings
  • Develop approaches to enhance HotSpot platform through internal team and external expert review/input
  • Make platform accessible to non-experts to maximize opportunities & impact of structure-based drug discovery (SBDD)
Contribute to target selection and triage
  • Contribute to target selection and triage
  • Deliver high level and deep dive computational / structural analysis of potential drug discovery targets
  • Coordinate all aspects of computational chemistry work up supporting target nomination
Develop / drive structure-based drug design activities for priority programs
  • Lead all computational chemistry activities associated with target progression through discovery, manage work flow for computational team
  • Drive development of in silico screening libraries including those biased towards hotspots. Identify sources of commercially available chemical matter
  • Apply HotSpot’s predictive technologies (in silico, protein structure-based & profiling) beyond SAR into predictive ADME, safety/toxicity and attrition
  • Implement structure activity relationship (SAR) database to enable data sharing
  • internally and selectively with CRO’s partner
  • Develop approaches to cost effectively access required computer processing power
Exploit synergies across broader HotSpot platform
  • Exploit opportunities at interface of wet screening and in silico approaches
  • Contribute to library design for proprietary compound collections

About Hotspot Therapeutics
HotSpot Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutics that mimic natural regulatory mechanisms. By targeting regulatory hotspots, HotSpot expects to develop molecules with superior properties, enabling us to deliver medicines that make a significant difference in the lives of patients. HotSpot has a proprietary technology platform to identify and drug regulatory hotspots and is establishing a pipeline of drug discovery programs targeting sought-after disease biology. HotSpot is financed by a syndicate of leading healthcare investors including Atlas Venture and Sofinnova Partners.

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