Section Activities
The vote by members and student members on the 2017 revision of the bylaws for NESACS ...
YCC 2nd Annual Fall Career Symposium - 11/18/17, Boston University ...
Tell Congress to Support the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act ...
Inspiring Younger Chemists to Become the Future of Science and Leadership (by Caitlyn Mills) ...
National Chemistry Week - 10/15/17 ...
Senior Chemists Luncheon - 10/16/17 ...
2017 NCW Poem Contest - Deadline 10/27/17 ...
2017 NESACS Election Results ...
2017 Education Night Awards (May 11, 2017 - A123 Systems, Waltham) ...
Report from 19th Annual Northeast Student Research Conference ...
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Celebrations at Museum of Science ...
VIDEO: Womens Chemist Committee Equal Pay Panel Discussion (Simmons College) - 4/5/17
Reem Telmesani (PhD Candidate, Boston University) wins Best Oral Presentation as part of the NESACS/NSYCC Delegation to the 20th JCF Frühjahrssymposium in Mainz, Germany–April 1, 2017
2017 NESACS delegation to GDCh-JCF departs for Germany ...
ACS Press Release: American Chemical Society Statement on the Presidential Executive Order: "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States" ...
REPORT: STEM Journey III - Transportation: Air, Land and Sea ...
Report from 2016 National Chemistry Week ...
Young Chemists Crossing Borders: An International Exchange Program (Report) ...
Call for Nominations - ACS Fellows Program ...
YCC 2016 Award Winners ...
NSYCC Collaborative Symposia ...
Women Chemists Committee Needs You ...
Students' Reflections from the Annual GDCh-NESACS German Exchange Program ...
The Birds of Buchenwald (an Essay by Leland L. Johnson, Jr.) ...
Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Celebrations at Museum of Science ...
NESACS 2016 Election Results ...
2017 NESACS Calendar (Updated 6/22/17) ...
NESACS Volunteer Brochure ...
Building Bridges Abroad: NESACS and the GDCh ...
Reflections on the Exchange Program to Jena, Germany ...
Report from 2014 Northeastern Student Chemistry Research Conference and Career Symposium ...
Historical Notes - Karen Piper, Christine Jaworek-Lopes, Vivian Walworth (Updated 1/19/17) ...
2014 German Exchange ...
Why Do We Need Chemistry Ambassadors? ...
A Plea for Local Section Dues ...
Subsection Task Force Formed ...

2017 NESACS Calendar
January 12 – NESACS Monthly Meeting – Broad Institute in Cambridge
Febuary 9 – NESACS Monthly Meeting – Highlighting Black History Month - TBA
March 23 – NESACS Monthly Meeting (Richards Medal) – Harvard University, Dinner at the Loeb House,
  Presentation in Pfizer Lecture Hall
Apri 27 – NESACS Monthly Meeting – Esselen Award - Harvard
May 11 – NESACS Monthly Meeting – NESACS Education Night - A123 Systems, Waltham, MA
September 14 – NESACS Monthly Meeting (MedChem) – Takeda
October 5 – NESACS Monthly Meeting (Henry Hill Award) - Waters Corporation in Milford
  Speaker: Professor Katherine Mirica - Dartmouth College
October 12 - 2017 NESACS Process Chemistry Symposium - TBA
November 9 – NESACS Monthly Meeting (Norris Award) – AstraZeneca
December 14 – NESACS Monthly Meeting (MedChem) – Sanofi in Cambridge, MA
January 11, 2018 – NESACS Monthly Meeting - NOVA Biomedical, Billerica, MA
  Speaker: Peter Dorhout

Announcing the Vote
by Members and Student Members
on the
2017 Revision of the Bylaws for
at the
2017 Annual Meeting
January 11, 2018
The NESACS Board of Directors invites all members of the American Chemical Society from the Northeastern Section (NESACS) to attend our 2017 NESACS Annual Meeting at Nova Biomedical in Waltham, MA on January 11th to discuss and to vote on the 2017 Revised Bylaws for the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society. We have undertaken the revision of our bylaws to enable electronic voting, change some of the vocabulary used, modernize, and comply with the recommendations from the Committee on Constitution and Bylaws from the American Chemical Society.
This advanced notice of the vote is required by our current governing document, and we wish to comply with all announcement requirements and deadlines therein.
Please see the November 2017 issue of The Nucleus and refer to the website ( for the proposed version of the NESACS Bylaws (2017) for consideration as well as our past version of our Constitution and Bylaws (1998).
As long as you are a member of the ACS and select “NESACS” as your section, you will be eligible to vote as a member or student member. Under our current rules, neither Society Affiliates nor Local Section Affiliates are eligible to vote on the bylaws.
As you register for the January meeting, your eligibility to vote will be cross-checked with the National ACS, and those eligible to vote will have an indicator (name badge or wrist band) on the day of the event.
If you have any questions, please contact Leland Johnson (
The NESACS Bylaws working group consists of Tom Gilbert, Doris Lewis, Michael Singer, Ruth Tanner, Brian D’Amico, Leland Johnson, and John Podobinski. We wish to also thank Professor Cathy Costello and the National Committee on Constitution and Bylaws for their work and for the very fast revision process on the national level. Many in the working group will be in attendance at the Annual Meeting and we will have a limited discussion period for your questions.

NESACS Constitution and Bylaws up for consideration
and MEMBER VOTE at Annual Meeting
Existing 1998 NESACS Constitution and Bylaws Proposed and Updated 2017 NESACS Bylaws

Call for Nominations
ACS Fellows Program
The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (ACS) wishes to nominate candidates for the ACS Fellows Program that was created to recognize members for outstanding achievements in and contributions to science, the profession, and the Society. <>. Nominations are scheduled to open on February 1 with more details being made available early in the new year.
The fundamental criteria for selection as a Fellow are:
  • Documented excellence and leadership that has an impact on the science, the profession, education, and/or management.
  • Documented excellence and leadership in volunteer service, based on specific results achieved, in service to ACS and its membership and community.
Members are requested to nominate (or self-nominate) candidates for ACS Fellows. Preparation of a comprehensive application package includes resume, qualifications form and three letters of recommendation. For additional information, contact Mukund S. Chorghade,

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Event at the Museum of Science:
A Fun-filled STEM Outreach Event through NESACS & MoS
by Dr. Jayashree Ranga, Salem State University and David Sittenfeld, Museum of Science

Chemists Celebrate Earth Day (CCED) event, a STEM outreach event, was organized at the Blue Wing of Museum of Science, Boston on Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 12 - 4 pm by the Northeastern Section of American Chemical Society and Museum of Science (MoS). About 75 enthusiastic guest educators from 11 organizations engaged young visitors with ~15 hands-on activities related to chemistry and this year’s theme “Chemistry Helps Feed the World.  About 500 visitors participated in these fun-filled CCED activities at the event. Activities presented to visitors included making dye, testing food for starch and sugar, chemistry of gum, chemistry of milk and soap, M&M E-factor, cabbage juice indicator, gummy capsules, candy chromatography, conductivity of various liquids, and making plastics out of mushrooms.

Most of the guest educators were either undergraduates or high school students. The guest educators did an amazing job of engaging young audience with food related hands-on science activities. Special thanks to our guest educators from Beyond Benign, Gordon College, Malden High School, Malden Catholic High School, Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Museum of Science, Northeastern University, NESACS, Salem State University, Simmons University, and Suffolk University.

CCED guest educators at the MoS on April 23, 2017.
Photos by Dr. Jayashree Ranga

NESACS also participated in the CCED-2017 Illustrated Poem contest.  The student received a $25 gift card from and the teacher received a $25 gift card from teacher
Congratulations to the winners!
Student:   Ashmita Prajapati (3-5 Category)
School or Sponsoring group:   Graham and Parks
Teacher:   Karen Engels

Thank you CCED volunteers!*
Beyond Benign
  Mollie Enright Joe Romeo
  Nephaelia Nichols Mathew Winward
  Loren Po  
Gordon College
  Lian Atlas Quincy Dougherty Victoria Ganss
  Sara Lareau Mirielle Nauman Ivy Ngo
  Rachel Olugbemi    
Malden Catholic High School
  Jason Feng Harrt Han Terri Li
  William Liu Diane Perito Alex Qun
  Sam Shen Jianwei Wang  
Malden High School
  Martin Berryman Ka Wing Cheung Vivian Du
  Amy Fong Audrey Goon Pete Jinapin
  Wojciech Kochanczyk Kaytlin Kwong Hien Lau
  Christina Luc Brandon Nguyen Lynn Nguyen
  Arsema Paulos Joanna Tan Tim Tso
  Kelly Weng Susan Wong Meghan Yip
  Tiffany Yu Yu Wei Zeng Yan Zheng
  Wu Zheng    
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
  Ray Lam  
Museum of Science
  Emily Hostetler Meghan Warren
  Cosmo Sabatino Himanshu C Shah
Northeastern University
  Biruck Abreha Courtney Bell Jill Coghlan
  Travis DeLano Emma Langdon Madeline MacDonnell
  Sunandhaa Narasimhan Sanjana Phatak Cameron Rederscheid
Salem State University
  Ellen Acheampong Prince Acheampong Benjamin Bergstrom
  Amanda Cesero Chanmony Chap Sunatib Choudhry
  Sabrina Mohammed Evelin Reyes Lily Sanfilippo
  Natasha Schmelte Vivian Tam Claudia Tangu
  Jon Weaver    
Simmons College
  Elaine Baulsir Mancini Luz Corrales
  Chyenne Yeager    
Suffolk University
  Allen Alfadhel Ysabella Batista Janice Bautista
  Julie Bautista Aziz Biyari Kaitlyn Jenkins
  Meri Kalashyan Kubra Umit  
*I apologize if your name is not on this list.
NESACS will be organizing National Chemistry Week (NCW) in October. The 2017 theme for NCW is "Chemistry Rocks": Exploring the chemistry of rocks and minerals.

A Plea for Local Section Dues
When you receive your dues bill from National ACS it will include an item for Northeastern LS Voluntary Dues of $22. Every member of ACS who lives in New Hampshire or eastern Massachusetts is automatically a member of the Northeastern Section (NESACS). These dues are voluntary, and about half of our 6500 members choose not to pay them.
As Treasurer of NESACS, I would like to urge all members to pay these dues and support the Section activities, even if you do not regularly attend NESACS meetings. Dues constitute the major source of discretionary income to the Section. While most awards programs are supported by Trust funds, your dues and contributions fund activities such as those of the Education Committee, National Chemistry Week, Younger Chemists, and Project SEED, all of which benefit the general chemical community.
Non-payment of Local Section dues has no effect on the individual member. ACS does not permit us to discriminate between members who pay dues and those who do not, so, for example, the Nucleus is sent to all members by mail or electronically. Members for whom dues are non-deductible might prefer to send a contribution to NESACS, since contributions to the Section are tax deductible. Checks payable to NESACS can be sent to the Treasurer at 19 Mill Rd., Harvard, MA 01451 or to the administrative secretary.
Your support of the Section is greatly appreciated, and the Board of Directors conscientiously strives to see that all Section activities advance the chemical enterprise.
-Jim Piper, NESACS Treasurer
Subsection Task Force Formed
At the Board of Directors meeting on January 10, 2013, it was voted to create a task force that would explore the feasibility of establishing subsections within NESACS to help connect and engage members in areas that are remote from our Boston/Cambridge/environs core in which almost all the Section’s activities take place, specifically, Southeastern Massachusetts (SE- MA) and New Hampshire (NH).
The Subsection Task Force (STF) consists initially of the following representatives from the core area: Morton Hoffman (Boston University), Ruth Tanner (University of Massachusetts Lowell), Robert Lichter (Merrimack Consultants); from SE-MA: Jack Driscoll (PID Analyzers), Robert Howard (Weeset Advisors); from NH: Jerry Jasinski (Keene State College), Gary Weisman (University of New Hampshire).
Approximately 1,000 NESACS members live or work in SE-MA (defined as Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Nantucket, and Plymouth counties) and NH; they are effectively isolated from each other and other members within the core area due to the distances and driving times involved to attend the activities of the Section. In order to reach out, STF will facilitate the organization of meetings and events within SE-MA and NH, which could range from informal Science Cafés with the general public to more formal meetings, involving speakers and activities appropriate to the venue and the interests of the potential participants. Inasmuch as NESACS is contiguous with four other local sections (Rhode Island, Central Massachusetts, Green Mountain, Maine), members from those sections will be invited to participate in events close to their borders.
The first event will take place on Thursday, October 3, at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Madeleine Jacobs, Executive Director and CEO of the ACS, will be the speaker; she will draw on her many years of experience within the Society to provide a brief overview of its activities. She will also solicit views of attendees about what they would like from the ACS. The plan is to start the meeting at 5:30 p.m. with light refreshments and conclude by 8 p.m. More details will be forthcoming.
NESACS has received an innovative project grant from the ACS Local Sections Activities Committee with modest funds to support the program over the next year, after which STF will bring a recommendation to the NESACS Board as to whether to proceed toward the establishment of sub-sections. The factors that will be important in that decision will be the number of participants from NESACS and the general public attending the events, the range of activities provided, and the degree to which the members in the two areas express interest to become engaged with the Section as local volunteers.