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Main Section Rates
Black & White 1X 3X 6X 9X
Full Page $915 795 735 610
2/3 page $805 635 595 510
1/2 page $560 480 435 370
1/3 page $510 435 385 345
1/6 page $325 280 225 210
1/12 page $215 175 155 130
Cover Rates
Cover II, III $1010 890 810 730
Cover IV Check for Availability
Business Card Rate:
1/24 page Horizontal
Nine Issues Prepaid: $660
Non-Profit Rates Rate:
Non-Profit institutional ads may be discounted 10%
The print issue of the Nucleus is black and white, the web issue is full color. Ads should be submitted as high resolution graphics: 300 dpi or greater as TIF, PDF or JPG files.
Productions charges should be minimal if an acceptable TIF, PDF or JPG is submitted or if the information in the advertisement is easily laid out and formatted.
The closing date for confirmation of placement in an issue is six weeks prior to the month of issue. That is, August 15th for the October issue, September 15th for the November issue and so on. Final ad copy is due within 5 days of the confirmation date.
For any communications related to placing advertisements in the Nucleus please contact the Nucleus Editor, Michael Filosa at or by telephone at 508-843-9070