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Our Mission
To communicate effectively with NESACS members and the chemistry community through the NESACS website and our publications such as The Nucleus. To support webstreaming of meetings and symposia. To support the growth of the NESACS membership base via such communications and increase engagement and participation of our members in NESACS activities.

Volunteer Opportunities
Are you interested in writing articles for our NESACS community? Are you curious to learn what it takes to put together The Nucleus? Do you have ideas for potential NESACS advertisers? The BOP seeks volunteers to assist with proofreading of, writing articles for, and connection to potential advertisers for The Nucleus. Also, we seek a volunteer to act as an Assistant Editor of The Nucleus. Please contact the Editor of The Nucleus, Craig Sergeant (
Have you wondered what it takes to support NESACS as a member of the Board of Publications? Do you have ideas for improving our website and communication to our members? Would you like to influence our strategy for NESACS engagement and communication, through the website and publications such as The Nucleus? The BOP seeks eager volunteers to join us: we meet monthly, in person or via teleconference. Please contact Ajay Purohit ( or Katherine Lee ( for more information.
NESACS 2020 Flyer [PDF]
NESACS Volunteer Brochure [PDF]

Who are we?
  Katherine Lee - Chair 2020
  Craig Sergeant
  Editor of The Nucleus
  Ajay Purohit, Past-Chair 2020
  Leanne Minall
  Brian D'Amico
  Zachary Burton
  Katie Rubino
  Mary Mahaney