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Careers - Tips for Job Seekers
Tips for Job Seekers in a Contracting Environment
Megan Driscoll, President, PharmaLogics Recruiting,

In these uncertain times, it is very easy to get worried about your future. Maybe you have lost your job already, or you are facing an upcoming layoff at your company. Even if you are still happily employed, the economic downturn is enough to make anyone a little nervous. However, it is not a time to panic.

Thankfully, Bio-Pharma is usually the last industry to be affected by a recession and the first to recover from it. Our firm is actually quite busy with new positions coming into our office every day, so don’t lose hope. For candidates who are looking, it is important to remember a few specific things:

  • Make sure you have a great resumé to present. Share it with peers for feedback to ensure it is as good as it can be.
  • Research companies that have products similar to the ones you have worked on in the past, and approach them with your qualifications.
  • Re-invent yourself. Be looking for positions that would be slightly outside your current scope of experience and think of creative ways to present your background to them.
  • Be patient, your job search is going to take longer. Three months would be the average last year, but it could take up to six months this year.
  • Use your network. Be assertive in contacting and presenting your qualifications to current and former colleagues. No one can sell you like you, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.
  • Contact recruiters you trust to let them know of your background and interests for the future. Often, recruiters know about jobs before they even open up.
  • Don’t submit yourself to a position on line unless you absolutely have to. Use your network and the respected recruiters you know to get in first.
    In this economic environment, the databases are overflowing with resumes and it is hard for companies to filter through.

If you have additional questions about your job search, please e-mail Megan at: