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Ashdown Exam
The Avery Ashdown High School Chemistry Examination Contest

The Ashdown High School Chemistry Examination Contest is an annual event sponsored by the NESACS. Each high school in the Northeastern Section may be represented by a maximum of five (5) participants selected by their school or teachers. (One alternate may be named on the registration form, but only five students will be tested.)
Winners of cash awards and honorable mention awards in previous years are not eligible to compete for Ashdown recognition; however, they may compete to become eligible for the Olympiad Examination. Cash awards will be given to the students with the top five (5) scores. Honorable mention awards will be given to five (5) first-year and five (5) second-year students with the next highest scores.
In addition, each winning student will be invited, along with his/her teacher, to be guests of the Northeastern Section at its May dinner meeting and will be given appropriate recognition.
Top scorers in the Ashdown Examination will be eligible to take the qualifying exam for the Unites States Chemistry Olympiad Team. Additional details can be found in the information packet.

Volunteer Opportunities

Please inquire with our chair below if you would like to volunteer for helping with the organization of this contest

Who are we?
  Steve Lantos, Chair

The Avery Ashdown High School Chemistry Examination Contest
2021 Information:
Full Schedule for 2021, on the Newton South High School website - DEADLINE Jan 31st for Ashdown registration.

Further Information specifically for the Ashdown Exam.

Quick Start to register for the Ashdown Exam.

Prior Exams

The USNCO past exams starting in 2015 and beyond are the best resource for studying for the Ashdown Exam Contest for USNCO at all levels (local, national, and even beyond).

Any questions about the details of the examination should be directed, by email to:
Alan Crosby
Newton South High School
Questions relating to to registration should be directed to:
Anna Singer
NESACS Administrative Coordinator