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NESACS 2020 Flyer [PDF]
NESACS Volunteer Brochure [PDF]
Being an active participant in NESACS activities will enable you to network with major institutions and corporations in our area and can open up new career opportunites.
The NESACS Board of Publications, which is responsible for both the Nucleus newsletter and the NESACS website, is looking to increase its activities in this arena.
We would like to expand our capabilites for keeping our membership informed on what is happening in our field and how to adapt to changing times and new technologies.
You can help us do that. All we ask of you is a few hours a month and a smile.
Call or email to see what opportunities are available.
contact - Katherine Lee
NESACS Board of Publications

The Nucleus readership is greater Massachusetts' largest source for chemical and biochemical personnel. It reaches more than 7,000 readers each month.
In order to maintain the high standards that have been developed for this important NESACS publication we need to add new members to the editorial team.
Being part of this team can help you develop organizational and developmental skills as well as help you network with people from large area companies.
You should take advantage of this opportunity to increase your skills. In the process you will open up new opportunities for career development.
For further information contact
Craig Sergeant, Nucleus Editor

Why Do We Need Chemistry Ambassadors?
As chemists, we help solve some of the world’s biggest challenges and improve people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry. But not everyone knows that. By becoming a Chemistry Ambassador, you can help educate people about the importance of chemists and chemistry, while taking part in community activities that are engaging and fulfilling for you on your own time schedule. One by one, Chemistry Ambassadors can help improve public awareness and public appreciation for the central role of chemistry in our everyday lives.
There’s an activity for everyone. Talk to children about science, write an editorial about chemistry, organize a science cafÉ for your community, or simply share with friends and neighbors how your profession improves the world. Use the Chemistry Ambassador tools. Share the chemistry – imagine the reaction! And then tell us about it at or on our ACS Network Community.
How can I become a Chemistry Ambassador?
You don’t have to register or sign up, but we’d appreciate it if you did. Why? This website will be constantly evolving with new tools, new ideas, and stories about your success. If you like what you see, we’ll send you periodic alerts when new information is available. There’s no commitment and no deadlines. Subscribe or unsubscribe at any time, email
Click here for more information about Chemistry Ambassadors