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Medicinal Chemistry Group
Our Mission
The mission of the medicinal chemistry group is to advance knowledge and understanding of drug discovery research by organizing world class quality symposia.
Our meetings provide our attendees with access to top quality science presenters and offer unique networking connectivity with thought leaders in the scientific community.
Our members work at the forefront of the life science sector and are constantly striving to bring new medicines and therapies forward to the clinic to meet unmet need.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Medicinal chemistry group will be interested in volunteers to assist with annual symposium specifically for contacting potential vendors and fund-raising efforts. Please contact the med chem chair, Raj Rajur at, if interested.

Who are we?
  Dr. Raj (SB) Rajur, Chair
  Mark Ashwell
  Nimbus Therapeutics
  Daniel Elbaum
  Andrew Scholte
  Jeremy Green
  Blaise Lippa
  Morphic Therapeutic
  Adrian Hobson
  Brian Aquila
  Scott Edmondson
  Paul Greenspan
  Min Lu
  Lisa Marcaurelle
  Kap-Sun Yeung
  Bristol-Meyers Squibb