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Nominating Committee
Our Mission
Our mission is to determine the slate of candidates to be offered for the yearly NESACS Election of officers and councilors.

Who are we?
  Dr. Anna Sromek, Chair 2021
  Dr. Catherine Costello (elected)
  Dr. Katherine Lee (Bd. Elected)
  Dr. Doris Lewis (Elected)
  Dr. Lisa Marcaurelle (Elected)

The NESACS Nominating Committee Wants You
By Michael P. Filosa
The first and most important duty of the Immediate Past Chair is to head the Nominating Committee starting in January. This year Mindy Levine will lead the Nominating Committee in its task of coming up with a list of candidates for the May election. This list should be completed in time to publish in the March edition of the Nucleus.
The main job of the committee is to come up with at least two candidates for Chair-Elect and a large number of candidates for Councilor and Alternate Councilor. Each year NESACS elects 5 councilors and 5 alternate councilors for 3 year terms. It is a big challenge to find approximately 15 candidates to run for these positions. If you are interested in involvement in ACS governance at the national level, election as a councilor is the primary way to do this.
Councilors can serve on committees which do much of the work of the ACS Council between National Meetings. Councilor is also a step towards higher office in within the American Chemical Society. There is also a substantial reimbursement available to councilors to attend ACS Meetings to make the cost minimal.
The Nominating Committee encourages you to approach us and discuss running for election. You are welcome to self-nominate.
In addition to the positions of Chair and Councilor/Alternate Councilor, the nominating committee also nominates candidates to run for Trustee, Directors-at-Large, and the various award committees:
The Richards Award Committee, The Esselen Award Committee and the Norris Award Committee. Two
members are also elected to serve for a year on the Nominating Committee. The Secretary and the Treasurer are also elected positions which serve two-year terms.
If you are interested in any or all of the elected positions of the Northeastern Section please make your interest known as soon as possible to Mindy Levine at or Michael P. Filosa